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Hello, Dancers all.

Keep in mind that Arcturus (the person in charge of dancing at 12th Night) 
may not be subscribed to this (Atlantian Dance Academie) list - I am 
forwarding your comments to him by way of this missive.  His email is 
arcturus at  If you have any suggestions or requests, he is 
the one you should contact first.  

When the set list is published, I will then offer to either teach or help 
teach classes in our Barony (Windmasters Hill) and to run classes earlier in 
the day at 12th night.  Note:  The hall is quite large - it's a convention 
center.  My family will be spending Thanksgiving in the Fayetteville area, 
and we will be attending an expo there that weekend.  We're going to check 
out the site and we'll pass on any useful information about it to this list 
and to Arcturus.  I attended a 12th Night there about maybe 6 years ago and I 
vaguely remember what it looks like.

Arcturus - if you need any help, there's a host of good people who are eager 
to help.  I am confident that Duchess Luned has placed the dancing in capable 

- Ursula von Bremen

<< I second your idea of publishing the set lists and distributing them 
 Kingdom-wide so that those who are not local to Windmaster's Hill may 
 familiarize themselves with what will be danced in advance.  I am confident 
 that the gaggle of instructors in the north will be HAPPY to tailor their 
 practices to the K12N set list, so you can probably count on a lot of people 
 showing up from up here who will be fairly familiar with the dance steps 
 Whether or not you decide to offer instruction on-site that day is 
 completely up to you.  It will depend on the space constraints of the site 
 itself, and how many other things are going on throughout the day.  
 Regardless of how many opportunities people have to learn the dances in 
 advance, there will still be a sizable number of them who will not have done 
 any "homework" prior to the day of the event.  For that reason alone, having 
 a minimialist practice on-site is desirable, but it is by NO means a 
 I would STRONGLY suggest that you plan for this to be a no-teach ball, but I 
 think you're already thinking that way.  :)
 -Vard >>

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