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Edvard Gayer scavard at
Mon Nov 6 09:08:26 PST 2000


Class descriptions for the Winter session of University (Feb 3rd) are due to 
the University Chancellor no later than November 15th.  Since our Symposium 
is a scant two weeks after University, I had proposed that we offer a HALF 
line of Eurpoean dance classes (3 hours of instruction), and that we 
encourage the Middle Eastern folks to sponsor a full line (6 hours).

For the three European classes, it had been suggested that we teach 
something OTHER than just the normal classes we always teach.  Interest had 
been expressed at the last University session in having an 
intermediate-level Italian class, so that seemed to fit with our suggestion. 
  Also, to make it possible for those who have NEVER danced to take that 
class, it makes sense to have a beginner's Italian class.

That's two.  What should we do for our third?

I had originally signed-up to teach 3 classes at the Symposium, but after 
talking with Bryan and Tatiana, we've decided to scale this back to 2 if we 
need to free-up an hour to let someone else teach.  The class that will 
likely get the "axe" is the proposed Playford's "Secret" Dances class.  That 
would be a dandy candidate for a third class for University, but not by any 
means the ONLY candidate.

So, to our instructors out there (you know who you are), is there anything 
in particular you'd like to teach at University that you've not taught 
before?  This is your opportunity.


PS - Winterversity will be in the Washington DC / Maryland area.
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