academie: passeage east

marion wright marionred at
Mon Nov 6 03:54:43 PST 2000

for those of you who are planing to or want to  drive to the south western 
part of the kingdom in two weekend On Nov 18 there is going to be a great 
evetn in spartenburg sc. first of all there will be dancing , ALywn and I 
ahve come up with a dance list of mostly italian but some ECD and brasles,  
that number around 15 and we should have plenty of time for them all since 
the autocrate has given us from 8ish (end of feast till 11:30 hall closes 
for clean up to dance!!!

Plus there will be dance classes going on all day!!!! and if you want to 
come dance or teach or play we warmly welcome you.

I have heard rumor, and mummors that some of you were planing on this event 
right now on board reservations are at a minumm. This event will go as 
planned if noone else reserves but the autocrats and there staff would like 
anyone who is thinking of coming to send word NOW. This is a royal progress, 
Emer has said she will be down for it. so come on down crash space is 
available around site with the local memebers and I am an hour north of site 

Thank you

Lady Marion le Red
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