academie: Ok, you northern folk.....

James C. Wagner Jr. james at
Fri Nov 3 04:31:13 PST 2000

I'm just wondering what all you active dance folk are doing this weekend?

Whereas Crown is just 11 miles over the 301 bridge into Md. (making it not too
far from everyone. well, except the southern 40% of the kingdom...)  I was 
wondering why there has been no discussion about dancing at Crown. 

Has anyone talked to the Autocrat about it? There are two sittings for supper
and that gives us programmed time where a full half of the on-board people
will be sitting around wondering what they can do to move around and get warmer.

Also, For those of you who missed him being put on Vigil at Coronation, Corwyn 
Sinister is being elevated this weekend (after quite a few vigils.. *grin*) 
and Countess Sir Fern is coming out! (I'm guessing this means Master Robyyan 
as well...)

Hoping to see everyone this weekend!

(Who is heralding rounds 7-9)

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