academie: Input on a proposed class

Oxford, David dmo at
Tue Oct 31 13:02:34 PST 2000

We've gotten a proposal for the following class for the Symposium in February.
This is from someone out-of-kingdom, and before we tell her we want this class,
I wanted to see if there was any interest.  It's a 2-hour class, out of a 6-hour
time period for classes, so you'd have to want to devote a 1/3 of the day to it.
If there are at least a couple people interested, we'll go ahead and put it in.
I just didn't want to have someone travel all the way from another kingdom to
offer a class no one takes.  It sounds interesting, but we need to know if
others are interested enough to take it.  Here's the write-up she sent:

> 2.  "Two Muses Married: Dance and Drama Unite": an 
> intermingling of these two artistic endeavors, during
> which a short play with dances will be studied and
> practised, possibly for performance to an audience at
> some point during the day (Evening?)  This
> class is open to those who are already proficient in the 
> basic SCA English Country Dances and have an interest
> in theatre.  Class Time: 2 hours

Let me know ASAP if this something that perks your fancy, or if you think it
would get support from others, so we can let her know about it soon.  Thanks!

And get those class ideas in soon!  We're starting to fill up on space for
classes!  Four months to go, and more than half the class-spaces already filled.


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