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Thu Oct 26 19:16:33 PDT 2000

Marion wrote, and rightly so.....
>Elspeth, I know you have asked for help with dancing at your event but you 
>have not posted tot he list where and when your event is.. since not 
>everyonw on the list even knows where each other lives .. it would be nice 
>to give both mundane and sca locations... there are several people all over 
>the kingdom that will ike to help but we need sepecific time / and dates as 
>well as places... as it is my calender is ussally double booked  because of 
>saying that I would help out and then finding that I had already planed 
>something that weekend because peopleare not good with tell dates and 
>places , jsut event names
>sorry for ranting
>>Chanting " Revels .... Revels.... Revels" (g) Hope you are all keeping us 
>>mind... Elspeth, autocrat_raic_2001 at

Revels At the Inns of Court is being held on January 27th in Portsmouth, Va, 
which is in the Barony of Marinus. There was some confusion about the date, 
but all that has been straightened out. Last year was the first year of the 
event, which endeavored to gather dance instructors and live musicians from 
across Atlantia, and surrounding lands, to teach classes in the afternoon 
and hold a ball that evening. The event is themed around the Inns of Court 
in London, and is traditionally a later- period style event, though not 
exclusive to that time period. Last year we did a 1594 themed Elizabethan 
event, this year we are set in 1539 with good King Hal. The preliminary 
flyer went up on the Merry Rose yesterday, and I can send it to the academie 
as well if there are folks who don't get the Rose and woulf like the flyer. 
We are also putting up a permanent web page to support the event in this and 
future years, and to serve as a listing of good research links into the time 
and place. I would be happy to answer any other questions, please let me 
know if there are any... thanks!  Elspeth
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