Revels Dancing!! (was Re: academie: Report/News from University )

lisa brennan-webb elspethharilow at
Thu Oct 26 12:00:10 PDT 2000

> > But I think the case of Windmaster's Hill can be used as an example of 
> > the Academie can help.  We do not need help with training instructors 
> > se.  What we do NEED help with is making Dance a bigger focus.
>That we can do. However, do keep in mind that holding an all-dance
>event down there isn't the only way; you can also find some other
>(well-attended) event with a dance-friendly autocrat and convenient
>schedule and tack dance onto it. We'll incite Academie people to show
>up and help, and bingo, fun results. If you can get 1/3 to 1/2 of your
>events to be that way, then you're all set for both interest in
>regular practices, and an all-dance event.
>So, it all comes down to who's autocratting upcoming stuff. Looks like
>Twelfth Night will do well, but it's worth looking at other events on
>the schedule right now...
>-- Gregory Blount

Chanting " Revels .... Revels.... Revels" (g) Hope you are all keeping us in 
mind... Elspeth, autocrat_raic_2001 at
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