academie: dance practices, events, etc.

Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Thu Oct 26 11:54:30 PDT 2000

> Okay, well, since I have time sitting here in Zurich Interntional Airport, I 
> figured I might as well pitch in my two francs worth (which is worth much 
> more than two cents, I promise! :)...

Two francs is what it costs to go to the restroom in France.

> Knowing our fair Chancelier, the Acamdemie would 
> unconditionally (well, with the condition that GOOP and OOP be excluded, 
> probably...) give our support.

Beware putting words in your fair Chancelier's mouth. The Academie
doesn't "promote" GOOP dances. That's different than excluding
them. For example, historically, Nothing but Dance has had a GOOP
_class_ and no GOOP dances at the ball. I know I repeat this a lot,
but the topic has a lot of controversy surrounding it, and it's worth
pointing out what my real position is.

-- Gregory Blount

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