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Ken Buzzard KenBuzz at
Wed Oct 25 11:59:05 PDT 2000

My class descriptions:

1) Playford's "Secret" Dances - There are over 100 dances in Playford's
first edition, yet we tend to dance the same 20-30 over and over again!  In
this class, we'll explore some of the really fun "secret" dances that you
rarely see done in Atlantia.  Dances may include "Old Mole", "New Boe Peep",
"Boate Man", or whatever else the instructor comes up with.
 (Intermediate -- Previous experience with English Country Dance is

2) Beginner 15th Cy Italian - Yes, the Italians did stuff before they
discovered garlic, race cars, and salad dressing.  Students will be
introduced to several steps unique to Italian dance, including the Piva and
Saltarello, and will learn dances such as "Gelosia", "Anello" and that
crowd-favorite "Petit Vriens" (aka Italian Bumper Cars).  (Beginners
welcome.  Class is a recommended pre-requesite for the Intermediate 15th Cy
Italian class.)

3) Snooty Walking Dances - Are you feeling particularly snobbish today?  Can
you walk a reasonably straight line?  Can you count to four?  If you
answered "yes" to ANY of these, you can dance!  Come learn some very easy,
very elegant dances, that will come in handy the next time you wish to show
off some really spiff garb, or for the next time you're feeling particularly
hoity-toity.  (Beginners welcome.)

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