academie: ME Dancing - We need a decision....

Christoph & Sherry Hintze chhintze at
Wed Oct 25 12:09:13 PDT 2000

Argh - sent this to Vard instead of the list....trying again.....Kat

At 09:37 AM 10/24/00 -0400, Vard wrote:
>Allrighty, then.
>Might I suggest that at Winterversity, we teach a short line of Eurpoean 
>dance, and encourage a longer line of ME dance?  Based on previous 
>commentary, its apparent that we need at least a little of both for those 
>folks who can only come to this one event.  Since the Symposium will be 
>focused on European dance, we can provide a forum for ME dance by focusing 
>on that at Winterversity.

Sounds good to me....

>Regarding the European mini-line at Winterversity, I was hoping to teach 
>an Intermediate Italian class.  The Beginning class at Octoberversity was 
>very well-received, and those in attendance left me with the impression 
>that they want more Italian stuff.  With the Symposium being only 2 weeks 
>after Winterversity, could we take this opportunity to teach something 
>I was thinking about two Italian classes (Beginning and an Intermediate), 
>plus one other not-often-taught class.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?

Bransles?  Pavanes?  I must admit, I don't know what has commonly been 
taught, but it seems EC gets a lot of play (fine by me, i LOVE it, but you 
asked for something different....)


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