academie: Classes for the Symposium

Oxford, David dmo at
Wed Oct 25 09:32:45 PDT 2000

>> Do you need descriptions yet, or will the titles suffice for now?

On the Symposium website I'm posting the proposed classes as they come in and
Tatiana gets them to me (or I snap 'em up off the list, if they're posted like
Vard's and Judith's).  The URL is in case you missed it earlier.
I've got space for descriptions there, too, so I'd love to have those so they
can be up there for the world to see (the URL was printed in our brief "Upcoming
Event" notice at the end of the event flyers in the current Acorn that just came
out).  Right now the only description on their is for the class I'm going to
teach. :)

>> Speaking personally, I would VERY MUCH like to learn 
>> something new at the Symposium.


>> Are our more experienced teachers planning to teach many
>> Intermediate-to-Advanced classes?


>> What about a theory class or two on stuff
>> like ... "Autocratting for Dance"?

Wasn't that YOUR class from University, Vard? ;)


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