academie: Revels Dance Masters/Instructors Needed!

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Wed Oct 25 09:20:04 PDT 2000

Forwarded from Elspeth:
Unto the esteemed members of the Atlantian Academie of Dance,
greetings!! I come in search of the same wonderful support and enthusiasm 
that made Revels last year such a mamorable event for us all. The event is 
set in the year 1539, during the reign of Henry VIII, and I would like to 
hear from anyone who would like to volunteer to either (1) co-ordinate all 
the dancing, both the classes and the ball, or (2) teach a particular type 
of dance fitting to the period. I hope to have a class on the Eight Old 
Measures of the Inns of court, since that is sort of the signature for the 
event, a calss on pavans and galliards, basse dances and tourdions, since 
those were apparently a large part of the balls of the day, some early 
Italians, and perhaps a bransle suite. Unfortunately, since I personally 
love ECD, we won't be doing any of that this year. Some thoughts of mine 

Design a suite of the Eight Old Measures, say 2 repeats of each of the first 
four, and one repeat of each of the last four, to be done as a single group 
at least once in the evening, maybe twice if it dances well,

Teach and dance some of the other almans and dances that are documented as 
Inns of court dances, but not included in the EOM,

Possibly organize a formal pavan into the ball, if not at the beginning then 
  after the interlude,

A class in galliard and tourdion techniques for dancing style and step
variations, if there are documented ones ( I have seen a buch that looked 
neat, but have no clue how many of them ore actually period).

If any of this tickles your fancy, and you wish to be part of Revels staff 
this year, please contact me by Sunday, Oct. 29th so that we may begin 
setting the order of dance and making sure arranged music is available for 
our live music groups.

Thanks again for all of your support..... Elspeth of Harilow

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