academie: Classes for the Symposium

Ken Buzzard KenBuzz at
Wed Oct 25 09:19:38 PDT 2000


Following Judith's lead, I would like to teach the following:

1) Playford's "Secret" Dances (rarely performed, but really spiff ECDs)

2) Beginner 15th Cy Italian (A lead-in for Judith's Intermediate class)

3) Snooty Walking Dances (My apologies for "stealing" the title from KWDS
'99, but it describes this class perfectly!)

Do you need descriptions yet, or will the titles suffice for now?


Speaking personally, I would VERY MUCH like to learn something new at the
Symposium.  Are our more experienced teachers planning to teach many
Intermediate-to-Advanced classes?  What about a theory class or two on stuff
like "Caroso Balls" or "Autocratting for Dance"?

-Vard (using his alter-ego email account right now)

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