academie: Classes for the Symposium

Oxford, David dmo at
Tue Oct 24 10:25:03 PDT 2000


There are a few particular classes I'd LOVE to see for the Symposium...

  1) 16th C. Italian stuff
  2) Non-bransle stuff from Arbeau
  3) Bassedanse and such
  4) Lecture/discussion - Overview of the less-common
     primary sources, what they are, where/when/who they
     came from, and what they tell us.  (We all know
     Playford and Arbeau ... let's hear about all the others)
  5) Workshop on ECDs with widely variable but plausible
     reconstructions, looking at the differences in the
     reconstructions (e.g., Dargason, Nonesuch, etc).

I'll probably think of more later, but if any one of you all feel you've got a
reasonable amount of information to share on any of these, please let Tatiana
know (sharon at and get on the class list! :)  If you're a little
shy, this is a great chance to teach at an event that's not as huge as

One other thing... remember, you don't need to be a peer or even an "expert" to
teach!  You just need to have a familiarity with the subject and be willing to
share it.  Every one of us knows something that at least some others of us
don't.  Quit holding out on us! :)  Even if all you want to do is teach a
less-common dance or two, that's just fine; a class doesn't have to be on some
fancy "deep" topic.  A class on nothing but the dance "Mercantia" would be a
fine class.  Or "Saint Martin's", for example, if you're of an ECD bent.  You
get the idea... 


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