academie: 12th Night..

James C. Wagner Jr. james at
Fri Oct 20 09:18:45 PDT 2000

(I sent this to the Chancellor when I meant to mail the list yesterday..



Now, folks, I said that as soon as I found out it was official I'd let it out.

Well, It's official. Her Grace, Dutchess Luned, will be the Autocrat for
Atlantian 12th Night. It will be held in the Agri-Expo Center in
Fayetteville, NC. July 13, 2001.

The Official Announcement to the Poplous hasn't been made yet, so don't
go around pontificating. 

I'm going to be meeting with her in 9 days (at Windmasters' Hill Baronial 
Champions) as I've been asked to coordinate the A&S. (Excluding the Royal Bard
and Royal Brewer (I believe) Competitions.) So, I'll try to find out her plans 
for the Ball and let you folks know asap. Since some folks have already 
mentioned it on the MerryRose, I'm pretty sure there's already a plan
of some sort. 

I'll root around and see what I can find...


> > If no one has already volunteered to help with the Masque, I would be 
> > willing to help with it.  Although I have no idea who the autocrat is; I 
> > haven't seen anything about it on the Baronial list.
> We'll have plenty of volunteers. What we need is a local spy to figure
> out who the heck the autocrat is. I nominate you. :-) Try asking your
> baronian seneschal...

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