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Wed Oct 18 01:50:50 PDT 2000

Okay, well, since I have time sitting here in Zurich Interntional Airport, I 
figured I might as well pitch in my two francs worth (which is worth much 
more than two cents, I promise! :)...
    Living in Delaware (when I am not studying abroad) means that I 
personally can only really coordinate and run practices for dance in the 
northern baronies (Bright Hills and Lochmere on weekdays; Storvik, Dun 
Carraig, POnte Alto, etc., on weekends).  I would personally be quite happy 
to run a weekly or bimonthly dance practice in any of these baronies given 
that I have at least two other people attending them than myself and my 
minions (yes, I have minions, even at my raw age :).  Do we have any 
respresentatives from any of these Baronies with whom I could coordinate this 
and set it up for the Winter?  
     I know that we tried dance practice in Dun Carraig, and the attendance 
by Dun Carraig people was nill (other than Vard, of course :), but the 
practice in Lochemere actually managed to attract a modest audience every 
other week, and I think that Bright Hills could manage the same.
     As for a Southern Atlantian All Dance Event, I say hear, hear!  I would 
be most willing to trek down to north or south carolina and help with it, 
play at it, etc.  But it msut be hosted by a southern group, and autocratted 
by someone from said group...The Academie can sponsor it and run it, but it 
is ultimately up to our members in the southern reaches to propose the idae 
to their local group.  Knowing our fair Chancelier, the Acamdemie would 
unconditionally (well, with the condition that GOOP and OOP be excluded, 
probably...) give our support.
    The best time to have a dance event is in the winter or fall, after the 
war season....That means that we are probably looking at next year as a date, 
plenty of time to assemble a splendid affair.  Or, we could probably get a 
smaller, less intricate event put together and held in March.  So, do we have 
any volunteers to autocrat?  Anyone whose group has a really awesome sight 
with Period atmostpehere and dancer-friendly floors, and good acoustics?


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