academie: Dance Practices

Oxford, David dmo at
Tue Oct 17 13:21:08 PDT 2000

>> besides that isenfir has a dance practice

Twice a month, and very successful, too. :)  Attendance ranges from 10-30, with
an average turnout around 18.

Speaking of which, we're having an extra-special practice and mini-ball this
Thursday (10/19).  It should be a lot of fun if any of you all would like to
trek down for it.  We've got people coming from Caer Mear and Black Diamond
already. :)  Go see if you're interested.

>> black diamond has a once or twice a month dance meeting where 
>> they dance after the business meeting
>> other than that the weekly or monthly dance practice is 
>> basically No existent through out the kingdom

I think it's also simmering down in Caer Mear, just waiting for a little kick
start (and for Rolf to have a little more time :)  And Phoebe Williams is
working on getting it going again in Rencester; I'll ask her how that's going

>> the thing is people need to start one get it in a 
>> year round site and stay there

Amen!  That has a two-fold benefit... first, it helps people be able to reliably
find you and hence show up, and second, it's a lot less of a hassle for the
person in charge.  Many schools will rent you their gym or cafeteria, some free
and some not.  Churches often have cheap or free fellowship halls.  There are
community and art centers.  Big rooms in college academic buildings.  Find one
that works, and a schedule that works for the most people and lock it down for
the long haul.  Isenfir is reserved in the Charlottesville Municipal Arts Center
(also the site for the Symposium) through January, 2002.  That's a major relief
to me, cuz I don't have to got site-hunting. :)

Scheduling is important, too.  Ours is, unfortunately, a little weird (first
Wednesday and the Thursday after the third Wednesday), but that was done to
accommodate the most people.  Having the schedule and location available on
calendar somewhere (like a group website calendar), is very helpful.  But "first
and third Wednesdays" are easy to remember, and can certainly help attendance.

>> this is also where the email  
>> is good, so you can get the message to lots of people with 
>> out calling everyone

Also very true!  Use all resources available to you to get the word out.  Write
emails.  Call people.  Bug people in person at other activities.  Make it sound
fun.  And bring food!  I'm not kidding... the food appeal thing is an amazing
draw, even if it's just cheap snacks and pre-mix lemonade. :)


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