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marion wright marionred at
Tue Oct 17 12:20:43 PDT 2000

OK after I pluged a futrure event too..

in northern atlantia there are very few weekly dance practices last winter 
etain and I try toget one togeather but we lost the site for the summer and 
I'm not sure if there is stillone there or not , besides that isenfir hasa 
dance practice, black dimond has a once or twice a month dance meeting where 
they dance after the business meeting

other than that the wekklly or monthly dance practice is basicly No exitant 
through out the kingdom, the thing is people need to start one get it ina 
year round site and stay there weather it is two acadimie members workin on 
music or preformace peices or half a barony learning dances with out a 
regular ... yes I know rain shine snow  that lady or lord sos and sos are 
going to be at place such and suhc every 6th tuesday or the month , dance 
practice do not get off the ground as something that happens more than once 
ina while ... that means start one inyour home town and adverise, for the 
first practice in spartenburg there where 15 peopl e before we left we set a 
date for teh next 2 at the last one we had 10 people and danced a little 
since it was veryvery hot. the next one who knows but at the end of it I'm 
going to try to geta date set for another one after the event they are 
warming up for .. taht is howa practice gets started... but it takes time 
and effort

secoundly when a practic ei canceled or the place is changed , people stop 
coming untill they know it is a dependable thing, in Bhakail we would change 
the site with the weatehr since we had and out door site, after the stie 
change for abotu 3 weeks attendance was bad, but it picked back up after the 
word got out of where and when dance happened, this is also where the email  
is good, so you can get the message to lots of people with out calling 

jsut my two cents

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