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Miriam Robinson Gould madame_sosostris at
Tue Oct 17 10:00:25 PDT 2000

>Um, I thought I'd been saying this for QUITE a while now. We have weekly 
>practices here in Windmasters' Hill (see 12th night further down.) And have 
>for many years. (At least the last 6 that I can track back.) Also, after 
>feasts down here, if there is space available, there is pick-up dancing.
>(Most recent example, Academy of the Rapier.)  We, here in WH, have 2-3
>dance instructors per Canton right now.. (yep, 5 Cantons..)
I debated whether to respond to this right now since the state of dance in 
Windmasters' Hill isn't what the academie is about, but I think that I 
actually have practical things to say in the response.

As someone who tried to teach dance here, my picture isn't quite as rosy as 
yours.  While it is true that we have multiple potential dance instructors, 
it is NOT true that we have weekly dance practices.  There were no regular 
weekly dance practices last year and there aren't any this year.  We do have 
intermittent practices and we do have interest, but translating interest 
into actual attendance at practices has been very difficult.  Now we are, 
once again, trying but it remains to be seen whether this go round will be 
more successful than the last go round.  Wish us luck!  :)

But I think the case of Windmaster's Hill can be used as an example of how 
the Academie can help.  We do not need help with training instructors per 
se.  What we do NEED help with is making Dance a bigger focus. Last year, 
the major dance events [the Coronation Ball, Masqued Ball in Caer Maer, the 
all-Italian event...]were all in Northern Atlantia. Most of them were a hike 
from Central Atlantia much less from truly Southern Atlantia.  To get dance 
really purring along in the South, IMHO, we need a big dance event down HERE 
so that people can see several things:  how much fun and how amazing an 
all-dance event can be AND see dance as an activity which can be a focus 
rather than an afterthought, which is what it appears to be when it's 
pick-up dancing that the autocrat hasn't bothered to arrange a 
dancemaster/mistress for, much less space.

*smiling*  Of course, Twelfth Night is an opportunity to do just that.
But what would be really helpful, IMHO, would be an ANNUAL event down here 
where dance is the focus.  Of course, I don't know if we have a 
chicken-and-the-egg problem where there's not enough interest down here 
because dance isn't a focuse for most people but we because dance isn't a 
focus down here, an annual primary dance event wouldn't work.

My .2 dirhams,

Sayidda Tahira bint Ibrahim al-Ixbilyi

Be reassured: Of course God loves you, he's just not ready
to make a commitment.

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