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Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Tue Oct 17 08:08:43 PDT 2000

> Lesson for next time, I/we need to ensure that we request the biggest room 
> we can for our future University classes.

You can request, but it's often the case that the University
Chancellor just won't know. I've frequently had 30-40 people trying to
dance in an overly-small room. I've been known to take classes outside
in good weather. A perennial problem.

> One final thought.  This was the first time I had travelled that far south, 
> and I was mightily impressed with how much the people down there WANTED to 
> dance!

But you might have noticed that we have just as many members from down
South (and probably more per capita) than we do from up Nawth.

On to the Symposium:

> There is sufficient interest 
> in European dancing to dedicate all three tracks to just that, but we also 
> have significant interest in Middle Eastern dance.

Are you *sure* you have enough interest to dedicated 3 tracks to
European dancing? As I mentioned, in the last NBD, we had equal
numbers of Middle Eastern and European enthusiasts, and barely enough
*students* for about 1 and 1/2 European tracks, i.e. when we held 2
classes at once, you had a danger of one of the classes getting 1-3
students and the other one barely getting critical mass.

Now enthusiasm for European classes has risen recently, and that's
great. But I'd still recommend an entire ME track, with no drumming
classes if we don't have sound isolation.

> If we teach any European dancing at Winterversity, we'll just end up 
> teaching it again at the Symposium two weeks later.

That's OK. With multiple tracks at the Symposium, no students will
mind.  And we have a shot at a bigger student audience at
Winterversity: people who come to University but who wouldn't come to
an all-dance event.

> (PPS - For those who know the Midrealm's Master Sion, I am told by a little 
> bird that he *might* be interested in helping us at the Symposium.  The 
> sooner we know what WE'RE doing, the sooner we can tell others!)

I don't think Sion's participation would be affected by the number of
European tracks we offer.

-- Gregory Blount
Chancelier and all that rot

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