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> -----------------
> University Report
> -----------------
> I got back from University after 7 pm Sunday night, a long ride for me but 
> probably longer for others.  Thanks to everyone for coming, especially those 
> who put not a few miles on their butts this weekend!There were several 
> Academie members in attendance, including a few I had not met face-to-face 
> before.  It was nice to see everyone!
> About the room.  Arrgh!  We had several problems:  We were in a different 
> building than where registration/lunch/court/schmoozing/merchanting all 
> happened, we were on the top floor of that building, and our room was in the 
> furthest corner OF that floor.  (Dancing?  Oh, you go out of this building, 
> across the quad, into that door there, up the stairs, down the long hall, 
> turn left, all the way to the end of THAT hall, turn left again... you get 
> the idea)  Oh, and the room was full of tables/chairs when we got there.  On 
> top of that, of the rooms I saw, ours was easily the smallest of the bunch.  
> There were several great big rooms -- such as the one James used for his 
> 4th-period poetry class -- which had very nearly twice the capacity of our 
> closet. 

To be fair to Lord Richard, ALL of the classrooms that were not stair-step
Lecture halls were in the other building. Only the glasswork/lampwork/casting
classes were in the building with registration. (Safety issues, I believe)
They could have given you one of those rooms, but the unmovable tables
(or stadium seating) might have been a tab bit problematic. 

Actually, The room where they had Corwyn's Vigil (or any of those top-floor
rooms along the front of the building) were over twice the size of mine.
Richard was given room numbers, not sizes, unfortunately.

> Lesson for next time, I/we need to ensure that we request the biggest room 
> we can for our future University classes.  Richard probably had no idea the 
> room was so small when he assigned it to us.  If this happens again, I will 
> propose that we beat up James and take HIS room!  ;)

Vard, just one thought here... you know easy it is to convert a piece in 3/4 
(or 6/8, for that matter) into a 5/8, 7/8 pattern? It sounce REALLY cool, 
too...  It's just not that easy to dance to. I'd suggest leaving my tracks
alone.. *grin* 

> One final thought.  This was the first time I had travelled that far south, 
> and I was mightily impressed with how much the people down there WANTED to 
> dance!  This is great news, but it also means that the Academie has its work 
> cut out, as a majority of our instructors seem to be stuck up here in the 
> North.  If the Academie is serious about spreading dance to all of Atlantia, 
> then we need to work on making more instructors available where the dancers 
> are.  This means: (a) those in the north should plan to make a trip or two 
> to share their experience with EVERYONE, not just those who are nearby, (b) 
> we MUST support the local southern instructors as best we possibly can, and 
> (c) we need to try to develop new instructors from the talent pool as 
> quickly and as reasonably as possible.

Um, I thought I'd been saying this for QUITE a while now. We have weekly dance
practices here in Windmasters' Hill (see 12th night further down.) And have had
for many years. (At least the last 6 that I can track back.) Also, after most
feasts down here, if there is space available, there is pick-up dancing.
(Most recent example, Academy of the Rapier.)  We, here in WH, have 2-3
dance instructors per Canton right now.. (yep, 5 Cantons..)

> -------------
> Twelfth Night
> -------------
> Her Majesty indicated that Twelfth Night will be in Fayetteville, NC, and 
> that She was *really* looking forward to the Masque (hint hint!).   
> Fayetteville is in Attillium, which is in Windmaster's Hill, and we have 
> people planted in Windmaster's (Gwendolyn, Ursula and James for starters).  
> If I recall, Judith had previously indicated that she would be willing to 
> head up the planning for the Masque.  We need to *first* find out who the 
> Autocrat is, then *second* find out who will be in charge of the Masque.  It 
> would be great if one of our local Academie members would be willing to 
> volunteer themselves (**OR THE ACADEMIE**) to handle planning for the 
> Masque, and then have Judith (and whomever she drafts to help her) 
> coordinate with that person.
> Twelfth Night is on Jan 13th.  Mark your calendars.

Um, I know who the Autocrat is and was, informally, asked to help in an A&S
area. I'd rather not be the person announcing it as that would be jumping the
gun. I'm hoping to have more information in a week or so. Um, btw: You folks
up north should start nudging those musicians up there to bring their toys with
them to 12th night. Also, the Royal Bard competition (and, I believe, the Royal
Brewer competition) will be held at 12th night.

> ---------
> Symposium
> ---------


My 2 shillings.

I'd suggest a 1/2, 1/2 track at Winter University. It's not like there aren't 
enough instructors in/around Roxbury Mill/Storvic. And at least a 1/2 track of 
ME dance at the Symposium. These ARE two individual events with no formal 
relation to each other. If we intend to include Middle Eastern Dancing in the 
Academie, then they need an opportunity to flourish and grow within the 
Academie Structure.

I'd also point out that the folks in the Area you wanted to encourage are only 
going to make one of those two events. We're talking about the SC and Ga folks 
having to put their families in a car for a HIKE twice in a two week period. 
And if only 1/2 of a family wanted to do dance, they'd go to University 
that way the S.O. could have other interests to persue.

I think for these two reasons, the ME and ED should be offered at both. 


Ok, Fire away,

james at

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