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marion wright marionred at
Tue Oct 17 04:19:43 PDT 2000

On the note that the south watns dancing .. yes yes they do !!!! for thos 
who know me I actully have been puting way more time into dance in the last 
few months I Have lived here than in rapier!!

One of the big problem is music for most groups down here.. though Ihave 
pointed out gregs site, and some of those really nice CD that you only find 
aat pennsic are getting copyied and spread by that great little invention of 
the CD burnner

there have been serval practice run by alwyn and my self  in the spartenburg 
area,  a drive for both of us with lots of interest else where in both 

it would be nice if for passage east nov 18 if any  of you are willing to 
ride/drive you rears off again to have a few acadiemie members at passage 
east so we could do some of the more complicated dances

For all of you who wnat to come down I open my house which is about and hour 
north of site for crash space


>One final thought.  This was the first time I had travelled that far south,
>and I was mightily impressed with how much the people down there WANTED to
>dance!  This is great news, but it also means that the Academie has its 
>cut out, as a majority of our instructors seem to be stuck up here in the
>North.  If the Academie is serious about spreading dance to all of 
>then we need to work on making more instructors available where the dancers
>are.  This means: (a) those in the north should plan to make a trip or two
>to share their experience with EVERYONE, not just those who are nearby, (b)
>we MUST support the local southern instructors as best we possibly can, and
>(c) we need to try to develop new instructors from the talent pool as
>quickly and as reasonably as possible.

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