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Edvard Gayer scavard at
Fri Oct 13 08:55:24 PDT 2000

Fall University happens tomorrow.  The Academie is sponsoring 1/2 line of 
classes:  Julianna is teaching Beginning ECD, Stephan and Evelynne are 
teaching Intermediate ECD, and I am teaching 15th Cy Italians.  These 
classes are scheduled for the first 3 hours.  If you are planning to attend 
University, please drop in any or all of these classes.

Also, if you're not otherwise booked during 4th hour, James is teaching a 
class on performance poetry.  Come join me as we heckle him!  :)  (Just 
kidding, James!)

The Academie scroll has been matted and framed.  Etain did a VERY nice job 
with it, and she managed to not only save us quite a bit of moola on the 
frame, but she also used her employee discount to save some more bux on the 
matting/glass/labor/etc.  (PS-Etain, I've not seen the bill yet.)  I have 
the scroll, and was going to schlep it to University to show-off, but have 
rethought it because of the amount of handling it would get.  If we were 
teaching a whole line of classes and could leave the scroll in one place all 
day that would be one thing, but considering that we're sharing our room 
with another 3 classes, plus the fact that our 3 classes are all "dancing" 
classes (as opposed to lectures), I think there's too much risk that the 
work Etain did would get ruined by an untimely accident.

The scroll *will* be appearing at the Symposium, that's a lock.  I'll also 
try to schlep it around to some of the other dance-intensive events between 
then and now, including the events in Isenfir later this month and Dun 
Carraig next month.

I am hoping to put out the next issue of =The Muse= in the next few weeks.  
If anyone has an input or if there's something in particular you'd like to 
see in Issue #2, please chime in.  Issue #1 is available online via the 
Academie website at the following address:

Issue #2 will also include an updated membership roster.  Please take a 
moment to look at Issue #1 and doublecheck the info I have on YOU.  If it's 
incorrect, please let me know.

Upcoming Events:
-- 2000 --
OCT 14 - University - Academie members will be teaching English Country 
Dance and 15th Century Italian classes
OCT 28 - Isenfir's Silver Anniversary.  Daytime classes and an evening of 
NOV 11 - Nevsky's Revenge in Dun Carraig (featuring Eastern European 
NOV 18 - Passage East in Falcon Cree

-- 2001 --
JAN 13 - Kingdom Twelfth Night (Host group TBA)
JAN 20 - Revels at the Inns of Court in Marinus.  Daytime classes and and 
evening ball
FEB 17 - Atlantian Dance Symposium/Nothing But Dance (Isenfir)
FEB ?? - Midwinter Dance Revel in Lochmere (the specific date is TBD)

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