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Edvard Gayer scavard at
Tue Oct 10 14:28:01 PDT 2000


Pardon this half-plug/half-beg.  My barony, Dun Carraig, is hosting an event 
on November 11th.  Unfortunately, we've not done a very good job advertising 

Why does the Academie care?  Well, for starters, there will be dancing.  In 
fact, dancing is a prominent part of the event flyer, including classes and 
exhibitions during the day.  But besides that, where else will you get a 
chance to get your feet wet learning NEW DANCES?

That's right, Unky Vard has come up with a half-dozen Eastern European 
dances which will be taught and performed.  The event has an Eastern 
European theme to it, and the Barony asked me several months ago to try to 
come up with some Eastern Eurpoean dances to teach.  It wasn't easy, and I 
put a LOT of miles on my car doing the research (which isn't yet complete), 
but if you're willing to come and let me share with you what I've got, I'm 
more than willing to teach.

Anyway, the event staff would **REALLY** like to be able to say that the 
dancing will be "sponsored" by the Academie, and I'd like to be able to tell 
them that a lot of us will be there.  So whaddya say?  I've come to your 
events, will you come to ours?  :)

(The event is November 11th in Leonardtown, MD, and the title is "Nevsky's 
Revenge".  I'll forward a copy of the event flyer in a moment.)

// Vard //
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