academie: Re: ADS/NBD format

Stephen Kiefert lanhamlaw at
Sat Oct 7 22:42:39 PDT 2000

another paradigm?

I did an all-dance event in Storvik a couple of years ago at the
university of maryland.
there were four tracks of classes from 1-5.
	ECD from beginning on up 
	italian and french
	pavans, almans, duple minors, GOOP
	middle eastern (same floor, different hallway, no problem)

beginners could start with ECD and then shift over to arbeau and
duple minors
experienced could start with italian and later do more interesting

dinner on your own 5-7

ball 7-10 (1 european, 1 middle eastern, but on the same floor for
easy crossover)

stefan of cambion

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