academie: Meeting with Countess Mara

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Wed Oct 4 06:50:16 PDT 2000


This weekend past, Etain and I had the pleasure to sit down and chat at 
length with Countess Mara, who was visiting Lochmere from Carolingia 
(Boston, etc.) in the Eastrealm.  As you might or might not know, Carolingia 
has had a long tradition of successful dancing, and is considered one of the 
centers of dance excellence in the SCA.

Her Excellency shared some of her personal experiences with Etain and I, and 
offered a few observations regarding what we did right and wrong vis-a-vis 
dancing at Lochmere's event.  One of the things she offered was to send me a 
copy of a couple of posts which had recently gone across the SCA Dance list. 
  (Those of you on that list will have seen these posts already, but for the 
benefit of everyone else, Her Excellency has given me permission to 
distribute them to the Academie.)

Stand by, while I dig them out and hit the "Forward" button.  They're a 
"good read".  :)

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