academie: ADS - Middle Eastern and other issues

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Tue Oct 3 16:53:36 PDT 2000

>So, my current, in-process thinking...
>- 1 track of ME dance classes (upstairs room)
>- 2 tracks of European dance classes (main floor and downstairs room)
>- 1 track of lecture classes divided as needed between ME and Ren (no 
>drumming :)
>- European Ren dance ball in the evening

What about 1/2 track ME and 1/2 track European upstairs, 2 tracks European 

>Also, my thinking for the scheduling... start the actual classes at
>1:00pm, but have the site open in the morning for those who are already in 
>town and who might like to get together for whatever reason.  The Academie 
>certainly has some business to deal with (badge design, plans to conquer 
>the kingdom, etc), and that would permit time for a round-table or 
>less-formal discussion for whoever wanted to be there. Essentially time for 
>an Academie "business meeting."

You know me, I *love* meetings.  :)  AND it would give us a chance to 
finally put faces to all these names.  This type of schedule would allow 
folks to drive in that morning instead of arranging for crash space Friday 
night too.  To quote Chevy Chase, "I-I-I-I LIKE it!"

>And one other thing...  Will people be offended if we just say go find
>your own dinner and be back in two hours?

Geez, this is sounding better and better every time I read it.  Lots of 
dancing, no fighting, no feast.... woo-hoo!  I believe that I'm in the 
minority here, but I've found that I really do NOT enjoy SCA feasts.  Too 
much time, too little palatable food, too costly.  I've often left feasts 
hungry, which is a shame.  Of late, I've begun packing my own dinner intead 
of buying Feast.  So to this corn-fed Midwesterner, the idea of snarfing 
down a face-ful of Bar-Be-Que sounds abso-fragging-lutely wonderful!  Count 
me in, and gimme an ear of corn on the side!

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