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Oxford, David dmo at
Tue Oct 3 14:26:41 PDT 2000

>> > And one other thing...  Will people be offended if we just say go
>> > find your own dinner and be back in two hours?
>> I don't know about "offended", but they may not come back. 
>> Isenfir has some good cooks who have proven that they can
>> do good, cheap food, and lots of it, and on time. Lack of
>> on-site prep space is a challenge, but the event probably 
>> will be small enough that it can be done.

Well, Isenfir's cooks-in-residence seemed very skeptical upon examining the
situation.  I agree, though, that I'd rather keep people on-site if at all
possible, so we're looking into the catering options.  You won't get dinner out
for much less than $10, so if we can find something good in that range that'll
suit most people, I'll offer it up as a real serious suggestion.  The only other
option is a basically cold dinner, which is less optimal in my mind, but may be
a route we explore, as well.

>> BTW, the format for the Ball does have one risk -- it may end up with
>> a bad mixture of dances.

Good point.  I think, though, we can overcome that in most instances with a
little persuasion on the part of the dance master, something like, 

"Hmmm, Rostiboli, eh?  Well, we can do that if you really want to, but we've
just done two other fifteenth century Italian dances, and people are looking a
little bored.  They might appreciate something a little more familiar, maybe an
English Country dance.  What do you think?"

People being generally more courteous in the SCA, I think in most cases they
would give in and go with the suggestion.  And they'd still get to pick, they'd
just have the genre defined for them.  Realistically, on the larger scale, I
expect a lot of "Um, I don't know what dance I want to do" in which case the
dance master picks anyway, thus keeping the balance.  It's an experiment; we'll
see how it works here on the 28th.


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