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Tue Oct 3 13:40:53 PDT 2000

The Caer Gelin folks are always interested in dancing, so this would
be a good event to volunteer to the Autocrat to teach a dance class or
two. They've also often had dancing in the evening after feast.

-- Gregory Blount

> December 16th - It's New to Me! III
> Barony of Caer Mear/ College of Caer Gelin, Palmyra,
> Va.
> The College of Caer Gelin invites you to join us in a
> day of doing
> something new and/or different. We will be offering a
> mini collegium of classes and activities focusing on
> those beginning a new skill and those who are new to
> the SCA. Some classes scheduled will include beginning
> persona, heraldry, costuming, and mail making. A
> goodly number of the gentles at this event will be
> joining us for the first time (along with their
> families) and we ask that this be remembered.
> The highlight of the day, in keeping with the theme,
> will be the
> investiture of the new Landed Royalty for the Barony
> of Caer Mear.
> What would a day of learning about the SCA be without
> fighting and
> authorizations and a tournament to show your new
> skills? The list 
> will open at 10:00. Authorization for marshaled
> activities will take place till 11:30 or until all
> that wish to try are finished (whichever comes first).
> The tourney format currently scheduled will consist of
> a round robin/points style in which plenty of fighting
> will be had by all. For further information about the
> heavy weapons tourney contact Sir Iain Monlach(John
> Morgan) at 804 747 1661. As for Archery and Thrown
> Weapons, we will have beginner and advanced activities
> in each of these areas. Please contact Kenelm Rogan
> (Kenny Riggleman) at 804 581 2406 or email
> kwrepair at
> A&S: In keeping with the theme of "It's New To Me", we
> would ask that you limit these projects to things you
> have been working on for the last year. Please help us
> learn by sharing your efforts! This is a display only
> and will not be judged, we only ask that any
> documentation you might share would be appreciated so
> that we all might learn. 
> Children's Activities will also focus on learning new
> skills and expanding skills in other areas. While
> there will NOT be organized babysitting (drop off
> service), parents are encouraged to work together to
> SHARE time watching our youngest members so that all
> may participate.
> Feast will be prepared under the tutelage of Baron
> Kendrik Del Greenwode. Please let the autocrat know if
> you have any dietary concerns when you pre-register.
> Seats at dinner will be limited to 120. 
> Please note: our High School is located in the country
> with the closest fast food spots located over 8 miles
> away. Therefore the cooks plan to have some simple
> fare available at lunchtime for all (on & off board)
> to enjoy.
> Costs: Adults on board: $10, off board: $8; All
> students kindergarten through college: on board: $5,
> off board: $4. Babies and preschool
> Children are our guests. Please make checks to the
> College of Caer Gelin, SCA Inc.
> Site: Fluvanna County High School in Palmyra, Va. Site
> opens at 
> 10:00am and closes at 9:30 pm. Since this event is
> held at a High School by High School students the site
> is bone dry; absolutely no alcohol is allowed on site.
> Also due to school regulations, no live steel is
> allowed. We appreciate your assistance with these
> matters.
> Our autocrat is Lord John of Caer Gelin (John Oliff).
> Yes this is new to him, too! Please assist him in
> planning this event by sending your
> Reservations in early (by Dec 9) to troll: Lady
> Clarice (Charline Oliff) at Rt.1 Box 2340, Palmyra,
> Va. 22963. Phone (NLT 10pm) 804 589 8944, or email at
> mcjwoliff at
> Directions:
> >From the North and South: We are located in between
> I-95 and I-81 on
> I-64. Make your way to the intersection of whichever
> highway is closest to you (either 95 or 81 depending
> on which side of Virginia you are on) and I-64...Then
> follow the directions from East/West.
> >From the East or West: take I-64 to exit 136- Zion
> Crossroads/Route 
> 15, located east of Charlottesville. Go south on route
> 15. Travel about 8 miles, passing through Palmyra
> village, and continue about 2 more miles south on 15.
> Turn right on Route 649. Entrance to school will be on
> your right.
> Alternate South: From 95 south of Richmond take
> Chippenham Pkwy N. to
> Rt.6 east, taking a left turn at the first Burger King
> you see. Stay on this road until you come to the
> intersection of Routes 6 and 15 at Dixie, and go north
> on Route 15 for about 5 miles. Turn left on 673, then
> straight on 649. Entrance to school is on your left.
> >From Scottsville area: Follow route 6 east. Then turn
> left on route 
> 649 after passing fire tower on right. At the stop
> sign turn left.  
> Entrance to school will be on your left.

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