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Tue Oct 3 10:25:47 PDT 2000

Okay, here's a thought... would it work to have ME dance classes during the day,
but have the evening limited to only a European dance ball?  The evening is the
time I especially don't want to split the event into two factions, but would
that lack of a hafla or other ME group activity be perceived badly?  I've had
people specifically write to me personally and suggest I not do ME so that they
don't have to choose between being at a Ren dance ball and a hafla.  I certainly
respect that.

So, my current, in-process thinking...

- 1 track of ME dance classes (upstairs room)
- 2 tracks of European dance classes (main floor and downstairs room)
- 1 track of lecture classes divided as needed between ME and Ren (no drumming
- European Ren dance ball in the evening


Also, my thinking for the scheduling... start the actual classes at 1:00pm, but
have the site open in the morning for those who are already in town and who
might like to get together for whatever reason.  The Academie certainly has some
business to deal with (badge design, plans to conquer the kingdom, etc), and
that would permit time for a round-table or less-formal discussion for whoever
wanted to be there.  Essentially time for an Academie "business meeting."  Then
run classes from 1:00pm until 6:00pm and forgo the traditional Caroso-style
mini-ball.  Assuming that my experiment of a modified Caroso-style ball works at
Isenfir's Silver Anniversary, we can run that in the evening instead of the more
classic "set-list" style ball.

Again, thoughts?

And one other thing...  Will people be offended if we just say go find your own
dinner and be back in two hours?  There are lots of places to eat within 10
minutes of the site (plus there's basically every major fast-food place within
45 seconds of the site, as well as two sit-down restaurants in the adjacent
shopping center ... walking distance).  The alternative is to have it catered,
either by a local BBQ place that does good, cheap food and lots of it (catered
my wedding reception), or by someone doing something fancier.  Preparing a feast
on site is not practical, and we're not hassling with trying to transport one
ourselves.  So the options are...

1) Go off-site and get your own dinner (be back for the ball!)
2) Stay on-site and have it catered by cheap BBQ place ($5-$6 per person, AYCE,
last I checked) ... and they do do some veggie stuff (shitake burgers, salads,
3) Stay on-site and have it catered by fancier outfit (probably $10 or more per
person).  If you prefer this option, let me know your upper limit.

Thanks for all the input.


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