academie: Middle Eastern at ADS/NBD

Oxford, David dmo at
Tue Oct 3 07:42:56 PDT 2000

>> "Nothing but Dance I" had this
>> "Nothing but Dance II" had that
>> "Nothing but Dance III" had the other thing.
>> That's wonderful.
>> But this is the Atlantian Dance Symposium, a new event 
>> sponsored by the new
>> Dance Academie.  Time to shift the paradigm, perhaps?

Well, yes and no.  Nothing But Dance I was, after all, actually titled "Isenfir
Dance Symposium and Ball (or, Nothing But Dance)".  The simpler name stuck in
later events.  But all of them were, at their core, dance symposia, and pretty
darn successful ones.  I'm not saying that we shouldn't evaluate what works and
what doesn't and change accordingly (of course we should), but as a successful
model for a dance symposium in Atlantia, NBD is, as far as I know, about as
close as we're going to get.  We need to be forward-thinking but also not forget
the lessons learned in previous endeavors.

As to including Middle Eastern dance, I have two concerns.  One is space, as we
have only three dance classrooms and one lecture room available to us.  I'm not
REAL worried about that, but it is an issue.  The other is that several people
have expressed concerns, both privately and publicly, about not wanting to have
to choose between ME and Ren dance.  That's more of a concern to me.

My PERSONAL interest is far more toward Ren dance, and as such I really want to
see a great event that provides lots of stuff along that line.  (And yes, I have
done quite a lot of ME dance of the male flavor, classes, workshops, and
everything, and did enjoy it, so I'm not being TOTALLY snobbish here :)  At the
same time, I really want to be inclusive and support the period ME dancers, too
(as part of my lifetime goal of stomping out BAD belly dancing in the SCA :).
So basically, my main worry is the crossover population.  I'm still haunted by
the completely empty class of Jim Morrison at NBD I.  He's a Charlottesville guy
and well-respected early dance and music scholar, and graciously agreed to teach
a class for us for free, when he normally could charge a good fee for lecturing.
I scheduled it badly, and no one attended his class.  I just don't want to see
someone come down from a long way away to teach a class, and have it be
diminished in size because of a conflicting ME class that really interests
people.  Maybe that wouldn't happen.  I dunno.  That's why I want a lot of
input.  We still have some time to make a decision, but we need to sort it out
fairly soon.


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