academie: Middle Eastern at ADS/NBD

Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Mon Oct 2 22:12:59 PDT 2000

1. I have several objections to the wording of the FAQ. The charter's
wording is much better.

2. Just because the Academie sponsors an event doesn't mean it's
restricted to only what the Academie promotes. Nothing but Dance has
traditionally had a GOOP (grossly out of period) class (and no GOOP
dances at the Ball.)

3. Nothing But Dance has ALWAYS had a strong middle eastern flavor,
generally with a full dance track and a couple of drumming and other
instrumental classes (zills, etc.) This track has always been
organized by Azza al Shirazi, who would probably be happy to give
advice (azzazazo at Back then she was going by Chriemhilt von

4. Even Nothing But Dance I (autocratted by well-known Academie member
and dance enthusiast Bryan Morgun) had a lot of Middle Eastern classes.

5. At Nothing But Dance III the ME folks outnumbered the Renaissance
folks. Which says that we westerners were being slackers.

6. The ME folks have always been sound isolated so the drumming
doesn't interfere with the renaissance dancing.

-- Gregory Blount, apparently the only one who remembers NBD I, II,
   and III.

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