academie: Directions for Dance Practice 9/29 in spartanburg SC

marion wright marionred at
Thu Sep 28 07:51:54 PDT 2000

Reminder that there is a dance practice tomorrow night at 6:30 at the 
spartanburg libary  focusing on beinging italian, and brasles

these direction a suposse to be better but as most of you know I know 
nothing about how to get anywhere

Hope to see you all there

>Beth was kind enough to send me more explicit directions to the library
>in Spartanburg.
>To get to the Spartanburg Library:
>From the north or south choose business 85 at
>Spartanburg. Exit at Ashville Highway. This shoots you
>onto Hearon Circle where you should go around and
>around and around, until you see Miami Grill & turn
>off just after it, heading towards Burger King,
>Arby's, & BiLo. Proceed approximately 3 1/2 miles. You
>will pass Wofford College and the Spartanburg
>Auditorium. Broad Street is your landmark, where the
>library will be on your far left corner. All parking
>is at the back of the library, so access is around the
>back of this block-- either turn left at Broad or go
>just past the library and turn left.
>Enter the library on the left side, and the auditorium will
>be on your left.
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