academie: Middle Eastern at ADS/NBD?

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Wed Sep 27 14:57:53 PDT 2000

>From the class I have seen on ME there only needs to be a minninal amount 
>of drumming to teach.. the reason for the hords of drumers is a lot of 
>people like it

You've just answered my question.  You only NEED minimial drumming, but you 
GET lots of drumming.

>secoundly .. how many time have you come awayfrom a drumming circle saying 
>it was bad...

Do you *really* want me to answer that?  :)

The day at Pennsic after the DOOM-tika-tika-tika-DOOM-tika-DOOM class was 
taught, that's all you heard, day in/day out.  Keeping a beat is one thing, 
beating it into my brain is something else completely.

>maybe a class on drumming would be good here to as well as a jam session 
>for those who are musically inclined  for european dances too

:: as a confused look sweeps across Vard's face... ::

A drumming jam session for European dancing?!?  Huh?

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