academie: Middle Eastern at ADS/NBD?

marion wright marionred at
Wed Sep 27 13:27:33 PDT 2000

>But I've got a couple of questions, anyone got an answer:
>1 - From what I've seen, ME dancing is done to a LOT of drumming.
>Considering that there will be instruction going on in ALL of our
>classrooms, wouldn't this present a distraction?
>2 - If so, is the site large enough that the ME folks could be segregated 
>provide a "buffer zone" so that there's no interference?

>From the class I have seen on ME there only needs to be a minninal amount of 
drumming to teach.. the reason for the hords of drumers is a lot of people 
like it

secoundly .. how many time have you come awayfrom a drumming circle saying 
it was bad... maybe a class on drumming would be good here to as well as a 
jam session for those who are musically inclined  for european dances too

with this in mind so we havea loud area for drummers and musicans? verus a  
place for ME

my two cents

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