academie: Middle Eastern at ADS/NBD?

Oxford, David dmo at
Wed Sep 27 09:09:44 PDT 2000

>> 1 - From what I've seen, ME dancing is done to a LOT of drumming.  
>> Considering that there will be instruction going on in ALL of our 
>> classrooms, wouldn't this present a distraction?

I think our upper-most room could be used.  It's two floors above the next lower
classroom.  And the whole building is pretty well sound-insulated.  It is, after
all, the Municipal Arts Center, and was designed for having musical stuff going
on in different places within it.

>> 2 - If so, is the site large enough that the ME folks could 
>> be segregated to provide a "buffer zone" so that there's no
>> interference?

See above. :)

>> 3 - How do we gauge how much interest would there be in ME 
>> dancing, and whether we might want to dedicate an entire 
>> track to it?

Within 2 hours of my post to the Merry Rose I already had two questions about ME
dance at the event.  I suspect the interest is there.

>> 4 - How many simultaneous classes can we support at the 
>> Symposium anyway?  

There are three dance-size classrooms, one conference/sit-down-class room, and
three very small (3 people max) music practice rooms.


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