academie: Middle Eastern at ADS/NBD?

Edvard Gayer scavard at
Wed Sep 27 07:50:22 PDT 2000

ME dancing *is* part of our charter, as David points out.  It was included 
on purpose, because we want the Academie to be "inclusive" to cover all 
forms of period dance.  I personally know very little about ME dance -- 
that's why there are experts.  If there is interest in having ME dance at 
the Symposium, I would think that would be a good thing.

But I've got a couple of questions, anyone got an answer:

1 - From what I've seen, ME dancing is done to a LOT of drumming.  
Considering that there will be instruction going on in ALL of our 
classrooms, wouldn't this present a distraction?

2 - If so, is the site large enough that the ME folks could be segregated to 
provide a "buffer zone" so that there's no interference?

3 - How do we gauge how much interest would there be in ME dancing, and 
whether we might want to dedicate an entire track to it?

4 - How many simultaneous classes can we support at the Symposium anyway?  
If the answer is 3-4 (like I think it is), and if the majority of people 
coming would be there for European dancing (like I think they would, but I 
could be wrong), do the numbers justify us dedicating a track to ME dancing 
as question #3 above suggests?

Personally, I would like to see ME dancing at the Symposium.  It prevents 
any "us versus them" type of arguments from ever starting, and it would give 
us an opportunity to grow into that area AND pick up new members at the same 
time.  All of these are positives.  I would just like to ensure that if we 
do this, we do this in a smart manner.


>From: "Oxford, David" <dmo at>
>To: academie at
>Subject: RE: academie: Middle Eastern at ADS/NBD?
>Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 17:29:08 -0400
> >> Does the Atlantian Academie of "Dance" include
> >> Middle Eastern "Dance"?
>Well, the FAQ's on the Academie website would seem to indicate as much.  
>See the
>last sentence in the topic below.
>What do you mean by "period" dancing?
>The Academie focuses on approximately the same historical period as the 
>SCA, up
>to around 1650 A.D. (so as to include at least the first edition of John
>Playford's English Dancing Master).  We are mainly focused on late-period
>Western European dancing, as this is from where most of our primary sources
>originate. However, Middle Eastern and pre-Renaissance dancing are both 
>our purview, as are any other styles of dancing which originate from our 

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