academie: Middle Eastern at ADS/NBD?

Oxford, David dmo at
Tue Sep 26 14:29:08 PDT 2000

>> Does the Atlantian Academie of "Dance" include 
>> Middle Eastern "Dance"?

Well, the FAQ's on the Academie website would seem to indicate as much.  See the
last sentence in the topic below.


What do you mean by "period" dancing?
The Academie focuses on approximately the same historical period as the SCA, up
to around 1650 A.D. (so as to include at least the first edition of John
Playford's English Dancing Master).  We are mainly focused on late-period
Western European dancing, as this is from where most of our primary sources
originate. However, Middle Eastern and pre-Renaissance dancing are both under
our purview, as are any other styles of dancing which originate from our time

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