academie: Atlantian Dance Symposium/Nothing But Dance

Oxford, David dmo at
Fri Sep 22 12:35:08 PDT 2000

>> Where is "Nothing But Dance" being held?

Isenfir (Charlottesville, VA)

>> Are people going to cross-post their class suggestions to 
>> the list?

It would be a good idea.  Also, the "official" (whatever that means) website for
the event is up at
Right now it just has the location (with a link to directions, maps, etc), my
information as autocrat, and Tatiana's information as the class coordinator.  As
classes are added, I'll add them to the website so you can get a sense of how
things are shaping up.

>> I'd like to teach at it

You're a wonderful person.  All you interested-in-teaching types, contact our
enthusiastic, talented, and lovely class coordinator (Tatiana) at:

Pomestnitsa Tatiana Miroslavovna
(Sharon Buczko)
14197 Lotus Lane #631
Centreville VA 20120
(703) 815-2492 [H] (NLT 11pm)
sharon at 

>> (assuming the Symposium isn't too cripplingly far)

>From Windmaster's Hill I'd guess about 4 hours or so.  No more than 5,
certainly.  A small drive for such a wonderful event. :)


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