academie: Dancing at Isenfir's Silver Anniversary

Oxford, David dmo at
Wed Sep 20 09:57:56 PDT 2000

Greetings all,

Two things regarding Isenfir's Silver Anniversary
( on Oct 28th...

First, since I know several of you are planning to attend, I was hoping to
elicit some volunteer help for doing dance classes during the day.  Some of you
have already mentioned a willingness, so I've advertised we'll be doing it.  I'd
like to get a more formal idea of who's willing to be involved.  My primary job
during the day will be bilking as much coinage as possible out of the guests,
(i.e., running Isenfir's Red Mountain Inn :) so I won't realistically be able to
consistently do a lot with dance classes unless I can pawn off my RMI duties on
others.  We've got a nice spot pretty close to the center of the day's
activities set aside for doing the classes.

Second, I wanted to elicit opinions on an idea we had for the style of the
evening's dancing.  Obviously, dancing is a major focus of this event, and we
wanted to do something a little interesting, so my thought was to do a ball
somewhat akin in style to the Caroso-style mini-balls.  Specifically, rather
than have a one-dance-after-the-other predefined set list, we'd have a list of
available dances together with a good set of cheat-sheets, and we'd start the
evening with our resident Court Baron and Shire Elder choosing the first dance,
his partner choosing the next, her partner the next, and so forth.  Obviously, a
lot of people won't know the dances by name, so the dance master would then
choose a dance if the next person didn't know what they wanted to do.

The differences from the Caroso-style ball would be, for one, that rather than
have only one set dancing, we'd assemble as many sets as we had people wanting
to dance.  Second, we'd be a little more forgiving if someone wanted to repeat a
dance (once) that had already been done (dance master's discretion, of course).

I'm not sure how this will end up working, but I'm interested to give it a try.
I can see some potential for problems, but in my own thinking I haven't foreseen
anything that looks like it would cause the whole evening to fail miserably.
What do y'all think?

And please let me know if you'd be willing to help out teaching during the day,
which will be especially important if we're to do this style of dance in the



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