academie: Atlantian Dance Symposium/Nothing But Dance

Oxford, David dmo at
Sun Sep 17 11:11:41 PDT 2000

Greetings all!

Okay, after much haranguing, lots of phone calls, some back-room dealing, and a
brief firefight (less than 30 rounds, really), the Atlantian Dance
Symposium/Nothing But Dance is slated for...

------->  FEBRUARY 17th, 2001  <-------

As you know, an error on the Chronicler's part had failed to show Marinus' Revel
at the Inns of Court on January 27th, our previous date.  Obviously, we don't
want to conflict with that (we should all BE THERE! :), so we're now on for Feb
17th.  The Kingdom Chronicler tells me she's marked it on our event registration
form as we spoke on the phone, and the scheduling coordinator for our site tells
me it's written in ink on their calendar.

So here's our final date, set in stone.  Mark your calendars.  Start getting
your class proposals in to Tatiana ASAP (sharon at ... Sharon
Buczko - 14197 Lotus Lane #631 Centreville VA 20120 ... 703-815-2492 NLT 11pm)

You've got five months from today to prepare, but don't think you can put it
off!  All great things take planning.  This will be the first event to be truly
and completely the Academie's own, so let's do it right!


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