academie: 12th Night

Judithsca at Judithsca at
Sat Sep 16 04:24:42 PDT 2000

Hey, all from Spain!  Well, aside from seeing LOTS of places that would 
sercve WONDERFULLY (and at no cost) for sites for dancing events, I have been 
doing a ton of walking.  A lot.  I will be so buff by the time I return.
    I have heard that 12th Night is having  Masque....Who is in charge of the 
dancing aspect of this?  Of getting the musicians organized, and making a 
play list, and where is it going to be (I have been a little out of the 
loop)?  Is it us, or some unknown quanitity (which scares me...I have seen 
some disastrous attempts to egt dancing together at 12th Night....)


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