academie: A story.....and an apology...

lisa brennan-webb elspethharilow at
Fri Sep 8 03:58:13 PDT 2000

Hoo, boy... I am going to be really unpopular after this post, but there's 
no help for it, so here goes.....

First, a story...
     There was once a lady who autocratted a relatively fun event and was 
encouraged to try it again the next year. So, she reserved a site for Feb. 
3rd, since the Calendar was changed to make that a free weekend. However, 
her event was bumped to make room for Winter University. When notified of 
this, she said "we'll try for Feb. 17th, and get back to you", but 
unfortunately her site was not available for the 17th. She then chose to 
hold her event on Jan. 27th, and notified all the proper folks of this. In 
the July Acorn, her event was incorrectly listed as being on Feb. 27th, 
which is a Wednesday, so she again contacted the powers that be to get this 
straightened out. Now in the September Acorn, her event is again incorrectly 
listed as being on February 17th, but is actually supposed to be listed for 
January 27th. Yep, that's right folks.... Revels has been listed for that 
date for over three months now, just not published correctly. So, now for 
the apology part.....
     It has been hectic, and I am just now catching up on the email, so I 
have just this morning seen all the posting about the Dance Symposium. I am 
really sorry that this has gotten so snafu'ed and I am wondering if it is 
going to do me any good to go ahead and proceed with Revels in January if 
all of my dance friends, who are after all the people that I really try to 
design the event for ( don't tell the fighter-types, OK??) are so upset with 
me that they don't want to come to it. I have emailed the calendar again and 
asked them to straighten this out asap, but I would like to hear from you, 
too... are you at all wiling to hold Revels on Jan 27th, which is when I 
have my site already set up for, and hold Dance Symposium on Feb 24th, as 
David said was possible but not as nice, back in one of his early posts on 
the subject?? Or will it be a real problem for everyone?? Please let me 
know, so I can do whatever I need to do to make all this work out best for 
everyone... Waiting to hear from you... Elspeth
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