academie: Atlantian Dance Symposium

Oxford, David dmo at
Mon Sep 4 14:43:04 PDT 2000

The deed is done...

The paperwork is in, and unless Gwen comes back and tells me someone else is
conflicting with us, our event is a go for January 27th, 2001.

There was a wide range of opinion about the name of the event, aired both
publicly and privately.  In the end, I opted for simple compromise... the event
will officially be titled "Atlantian Dance Symposium/Nothing But Dance".  Okay,
so I copped out and used both; there were too many strong arguments for both
(Atlantian Dance Symposium sounds nice and official, and Nothing But Dance has
name recognition and a nice short 4-syllable flow to it).  Call it what you
want, but plan for it!

I know that is the weekend prior to University, which was not my first choice,
but there it is.  I don't think that will be a major factor except perhaps that
it might mean fewer dance classes AT this particular University.

Tatiana (sharon at has volunteered to coordinate classes,
so we're on our way.  If you would like to teach, get in touch with her.  If you
KNOW someone that you think would be a good choice for teaching, let her know.
If you've got some out-of-Kingdom contacts that might possibly be interested,
let her know.  This has the potential to be an excellent event, but only if we
all pitch in and make it happen!

If you have any suggestions for anything, please let me know.  I've already
gotten some musical suggestions for the evening's dancing.  Keep those ideas
coming!  E-mail me, or feel free to call me if you want... (804) 979-3792 (H),
(804) 979-3700 (W).  I'm here for YOU! :)


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