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The following message appeared in my in-box, buried under a pile of error 
messages.  I do not know whether this has anything to do with the fact that 
I subscribed "sharon at cybernothing.org" to the list, where her reported 
return address is actually "sharon at unagi.cybernothing.org" or not.  I also 
don't know whether this went to the Academie membership or just to me, so 
here it is:

>From Tatiana:

On Fri, 1 Sep 2000, Oxford, David wrote:

>Okay, now that this event is going forward, is there a sucker...er, a
>rather, out there to coordinate and organize classes for the event?  This 
>FAR the MOST IMPORTANT JOB for the event, and requires the most work.  It's 
>the job that will make it an awesome event!

	I helped organize classes for Myrkfaelinn's (Kingdom of
Aethelmearc and my old group) second Music and Dance Collegium, and in
addition I am probably the person on this list least qualified to teach
	I have reliable email, a home phone, and a cell phone, and I will be 
starting a job with a normal day schedule in three weeks so people can 
contact me during normal day hours.
>Someone needs to spread the nets far and wide and grab those who are
>knowledgeable at ALL LEVELS of dance, but especially the more advanced 
>A fair bit of intro stuff is good, too, but we're sorely lacking more 
>teachers.  And contacts in other Kingdoms is a major plus!  Aethelmarc and 
>East are prime candidates, obviously.  And there are dance nuts from even

	I got contacts in Ae, and I'm sure someone on this list has
contacts in the East

	Pomestnitsa Tatiana Miroslavovna
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