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Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Sat Sep 2 11:22:45 PDT 2000

> I got into SCA dance about the same time I got into the SCA, around 1988 in 
> the Barony of NorthWoods (Lansing, MI).

Northwoods has a great dancing history. Master Robyyan and Master
Christopher hail from there, as does the group who did the "Rose and
Nefyr" dance manual. And they still have an active practice. My
(music) apprentice lives up there.

> I don't know what dances are common/familiar, nor what variations
> you may have on ones I'm used to.

That's a good reason for posting lists of what was danced at events,
by the way... helps record that kind of information. I was just
looking at some descriptions from 1971-1973 of dancing in Carolingia...
fascinating history.

> Finally, I do have one more question....the Academie website mentions a CD 
> of dance music.

There's a 9 CD set, actually. I sold all of the ones with labels at
Pennsic, but I will hopefully get some more labels made soon.

-- Gregory Blount

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