academie: Nothing But Dance (or whatever) Class Coordinator

Oxford, David dmo at
Fri Sep 1 14:49:08 PDT 2000

Okay, now that this event is going forward, is there a, a volunteer,
rather, out there to coordinate and organize classes for the event?  This is BY
FAR the MOST IMPORTANT JOB for the event, and requires the most work.  It's also
the job that will make it an awesome event!

Someone needs to spread the nets far and wide and grab those who are
knowledgeable at ALL LEVELS of dance, but especially the more advanced levels.
A fair bit of intro stuff is good, too, but we're sorely lacking more advanced
teachers.  And contacts in other Kingdoms is a major plus!  Aethelmarc and the
East are prime candidates, obviously.  And there are dance nuts from even
farther afield who will travel the distances involved to attend a good dance
event ... rooting them out is a fine thing!

If you're interested in this job (again, with the understanding that it's what
will make or break the event, will likely involve lots of phone calls (relying
on e-mail alone won't be enough usually), and that I'm likely to hound and
cajole you about it :), please let me know soon, as it takes time to get
something like this put together and for people to plan, as you well know, I'm
sure.  Once someone's set for the job, I'll fill you in on exactly what space
and time you have to work with at the site.



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