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Christoph & Sherry Hintze chhintze at
Fri Sep 1 11:09:38 PDT 2000

At 05:05 PM 8/31/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Happy last-day-of-the-second-third-of-the-year everybody!  I wanted to 
>take a moment to welcome the three newest members of the Academie to our fold:
>- Lady Katriona of Northwoods (chhintze at joined the Academie a 
>few weeks ago, but I failed to tell everyone about her.  She's from 
>Cathanar (NC).

Well, since Vard has led me out onto the (metaphorical) floor, I suppose it 
behooves me to introduce myself.

In modern life I am a wife and mother of two, as well as a part-time flie 

In the SCA I am Lady Katriona of NorthWoods or just Lady Kat.  I got into 
SCA dancing about the time I got into the SCA in 1988 in the Barony of 
NorthWoods (Lansing, MI).  In order to keep dance going when our teacher 
graduated & moved on, I got some books & tapes and taught dance within the 
local group.  In 1992, I moved to the coast of NC, in the Shire of Cathanar 
which was then very isolated & tiny and not much interested in dance.

Since then, we have had explosive growth on the coast and I feel that my 
talents finally can be devoted to advancing the cause of SCA dance on the 
coast.  (and elsewhere!)  I am hoping to hold some dance workshops and 
build a core group of dancers which will make it much easier to incorporate 
new dancers as they realize all the great fun they've been missing out 
on.  <G>

To keep my hand (foot?) in when I can't do SCA dance, I participate in 
Tryon Palace's Colonial dance assemblies and this year have joined the 
Craven Historical Dancers, who also do Colonial dance.  I also sometimes 
contra dance, which is okay but just not the same.

I had hoped to have dancing after University, but I don't believe we can 
get the room I'd hoped for without a fee.  If there is enough interest, 
though, I'll speak to the autocrat about the possibility of finding a 
space, fee or no.  (If people are going to break up & drive home, I'll 
content myself with the dance classes on the schedule....)

In service,
Lady Kat

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