academie: Genesis of dance at Rencester

Oxford, David dmo at
Fri Aug 25 09:00:06 PDT 2000

Greetings all,

For those unaware of it (which is probably most of you), Isenfir's (and the
Academie's) Phoebe Williams is starting school this fall down at William and
Mary (College of Rencester), and in good Isenfir fashion she'll be carrying
dance to the uncultured masses there.

I would like to make sure we give her all the support she needs to get a good,
effective practice started down there.  I've passed on some materials to her and
pointed her at many others that are available.

Greg, can we get her a set of CDs to use down there?

I will make her contact information available as soon as I have it (she's
leaving for school today), and I'm sure she'd welcome any support and/or advice
y'all could offer her.  She'll be an incredible addition to Rencester, and can
certainly be an agent for our insidious purposes down in that region of
Virginia. :)


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