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Mon Aug 21 17:20:50 PDT 2000


My quest to find sources and information regarding EE dancing led me, of all places, to Dayton Ohio this past weekend.  (Those who don't know me that well proably don't recognize the irony -- Dayton was my home before moving to MD 3 years ago.)

I met with a SCAdian who also plays with members of the EE and Slavic community, and I attended an EE dance class on Thursday evening.  Then on Friday afternoon, she and I met with another instructor and we went over about a half-dozen specific dances.  I brought home sheet music, some crib notes, and a couple of tapes.  Some of the tunes were familiar (such as the dance done to the Korobushka tune), but most were brand-new to me.  I need to digest what I've learned, see if I can read my own notes, and do a little bit of research to get more info regarding the "periodness" of what I've got, and I'll be heading back in 3 weeks for a refresher.

If anyone is particularly interested in learning what little I've got, let me know and I'll see what I can do.  This is the first time I've ever been asked to do this kind of research, and I'm hoping to not fall completely on my face.  For those who want to see whether or not I *do* fall on my face, the event I'll be teaching EE dance at is on November 11th in Dun Carraig (Southern MD).  The event title is "Nevsky's Revenge", I believe.


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